Dangerous Game Capsule

Posted on February 13 2017



The Dangerous Game isn’t your average sport or competition. It's not as simple as winning or losing, and you better hope you don't get dealt a bad hand. When you play this game, you take the risk of making or breaking yourself.


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Pure Undrgrnd CEO, Aubrey Lang, envisioned this capsule to be one of a kind. It consists of six Elwood Destructed Denim Trucker Jackets that are hand painted by LA based artist Boreign.


Each jacket is an original piece of art that is never to be replicated. We wanted you to look at each jacket and feel the emotion behind them, knowing that you’ve never seen something like this before. We encourage everyone to play the Dangerous Game, but you must know… once you play, it never ends. 


“Love is a painful game, your heart will get broken, stomped, crushed and shattered before you find the one person that can put it all back together again” – Ritu Ghatourey






Player's Card (XL): Once this card is dealt, the game has started. It’s not up to you, it can fall in your lap at any given moment. You can choose not to play, but you just might miss out on a great win... or be hit with a big loss.

players card elwood painted denim jacket 

Suicide King (M): The King is going through tough times - he has lost his Queen. On the inside, he feels terrible for losing his woman… but on the outside, he refuses to show any weakness. suicide king elwood painted denim jacket
Queen Judith (M): The woman every man wants, but can’t handle. She's strong, beautiful, smart, and a true work of art. If you choose to play the game with her, you better bring you’re A game. If not, it's off with your head.

queen elwood clothing painted denim jacket 

Ace (S): The Ace is the heart. It will always be there during the highs and lows (the 1s & 11s). The Ace always stays true to itself and plays the game the correct way. For this reason, it will always stand out like a strong and beautiful shiny red ruby.

elwood clothing painted denim trucker jacket 

Jack (M): He is the right-hand man, but he wants to become King one day. He must decide during the game if he will stay in the shadows and fold or push all in... playing his cards in a way nobody saw coming.

elwood clothing painted denim trucker jacket joker 

Joker (XL): He doesn’t give a damn. He doesn't see the danger in the game, and plays it simply for the thrill. For him, the entire game is a free for all.

 elwood clothing joker painted denim jacket


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  • Michael kim: May 17, 2018

    If anyone has any of these please message me.

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