The Inspiration Behind Our Photo Real Tee

Posted on November 29 2016

We sat down with Malibu photographer Jack Platner, who took the photographs we printed on the new
 Photo Real Long Sleeve Curved Hem Tall Tee
Elwood Clothing Grey Photo Real Long Sleeve Curved Hem Tall Tee
Check out Jack's original film photographs below; he added a small description about where he took each photo and some thoughts that were bouncing around in his head. 


Leave a comment at the bottom and let us know which photo is your favorite!


1. A young woman protesting police brutality at the Millions March. Los Angeles, 2014

 young women protests police brutality at the Millions March


2. A beautiful beach scene in a government controlled area. Costa Rica, 2016

 beautiful ocean scene in government controlled area in costa rica


3. A woman hoping to catch some lunch. Venice, 2016

 fishing for lunch off the Venice pier


4. I went looking for a waterfall and made a couple wrong turns. I ran directly into this boy who hit the brakes in front of us. He stopped just long enough for me to snap this picture. Costa Rica, 2016

 young boy dirt bike in Costa Rica


5. The sun shining through the trees will never get old. Costa Rica, 2016

 Sun shining through the trees in  Costa Rica


6. The tree seemed so out of place amongst the clouds. Costa Rica, 2016



7. This guy was selling rap CD’s on the boardwalk. I traded a photo of him hitting his vaporizer for a CD. Venice, 2016


vape guy on Venice boardwalk


8. Ive always been attracted to aircrafts. The tall buildings really set the mood for this picture. Los Angeles, 2016



9. Outdoors, big trees, and a body of water never disappoint. Sequoia National Park, 2013


Beautiful big trees and a body of water in Sequoya National Park


10. I stuck my camera out the window, and the driver threw up a peace sign. Most people like to have their picture taken. Malibu, 2013

 vintage car in Malibu CA


11. I’m glad he was behind the bars. New York, 2014

 pitbull in New York


12. Another intriguing aircraft with a tall building landscape. New York, 2015

intriguing aircraft with tall buildings in New York


13. Buildings, and the light that casts upon them, make for great photos. New York 2015


Building and shadow in New York


14. Reflections are something I always look for. They are intriguing and make for lovely pictures. New York, 2015

 reflection of lady in subway


15. My favorite spot to look out over my hometown. Malibu, 2015

 a malibu lookout


16. My buddy Levi skating one of our favorite curbs. Brooklyn, 2015

 skating one of our favorite spots in Brooklyn


17. Snowy trees in my backyard. New York, 2016


Snowy trees in New York backyard


18. Sometimes a little bonfire is all you need. Upstate New York, 2016

 bonfire in Upstate New York


19. I thought this car was cool. It jumped out in the night. Tennessee, 2015

 supped up cars in Tennessee


Don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know which photo is your favorite!


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